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Welcome to www.fosterbunnies.com!

We are a foster family for rabbits that come to us through Rabbit Rescue. Some are abandoned, abused, given up because the owners could no longer care for them or they have run out of time at animal shelters.

If you love bunnies, rescue organizations always need volunteers and foster families, and of course monetary donations. If you are looking for a rabbit of your own, check on the bunnies up for adoption at Rabbit Rescue instead of buying from your local pet store or a breeder.

We have lots of information and links to other websites in our Bunnies 101 section. Our photo section has pictures of our fosters and our own bunnies. If you love pictures of cute bunnies, this is the place for you!

We also have two very popular features. Our BunnyCam is where you can see our own bunnies and our fosters. We also have a discussion forum to help with questions and give you a place to brag about your own bunnies!


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February 15, 2008


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